White Widow XTRM - Feminisierte Hanfsamen - Cannabis Samen

White Widow XTRM - Feminisierte Hanfsamen - Cannabis Samen kaufen und bestellen

☼ Typ : Indica - Sativa mix
☼ Klima : Innen
☼ Ausbeute : 500 gr/m2
☼ Höhe : 35 - 60 cm
☼ Blütezeit : 8 Wochen
☼ Ernte : Anfang September
☼ Art der Wirkung : Extrem High
☼ THC-Gehalt : starke 20% - 25%
☼ Grow Schwierigkeitsgrad : mäßig 


10 Samen um 120,00


White Widow XTRM vs regular white widow - These genetics has been optimized for better growth characteristics and increased yields!
This strain is the strongest weed in the world.
The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the bud at all.
The high is extreme and the taste divine.
This weed has won more cups than any before.
On the top of all dutch coffeeshop menus mostly the most expensive!
A must for anyone who thinks they are a smoker !!

Note: All cannabis varieties have the capability of making male flowers on 100% female plants.
This phenomenon also applies to feminized seeds especially under strong stress factors caused by different growing techniques.
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds cannot and will not take responsibility of such cultivation implicated male occurrences.