Green Crack Feminisierte Hanfsamen

Green Crack Feminisierte Hanfsamen

Thc level Not available

Indica / Sativa 100% Indica

Climate Indoor / Outdoor

Yield indoor Up to 400 gram / 14.1 ounces per sq m

Yield outdoor Up to 600 gram / 21.2 ounces per sq m

Height indoor Up to 120 cm / 47.2 inch

Height outdoor Up to 170 cm / 66.9 inch

Flowering time 7 To 9 weeks

Harvest month Not available

Grow difficulty Easy


Preis: 10 Samen 125,00 €


Green Crack is a strain you just have to smoke and can`t stop smoking.
This is a cross with the original Chem Dawg F3 and our medijuana strain .
Chemdawg tends to be very potent, this strain has THC levels of 18/21% and our medijuana pumps it up to 23% THC.
Consumers can expect to have a very cerebral experience, coupled with a strong heavy- bodied feeling. Be prepared for a great mental buzz.

Why should you buy Green Crack seeds?

- Green Crack has a sweet citrus flavour combined with some earthy undertones.
- Green Crack is excellent for medical uses.
- Green Crack is great for managing mental disorders such as chronic stress, depression, anxiety and migraines, this is why it’s popular among medical marijuana users in California, Colorado and Washington state.
- Green Crack is perfect for daytime use.
- Green Crack has hard golfball-like buds, so she is easy to harvest.

After her full flowering time, try to dry her buds slowly so you can enjoy the full diesel aroma.

Green Crack is highly potent and very hard to put down after you tried it.