Chronic Feminisierte Hanfsamen

Chronic Feminisierte Hanfsamen

Thc level Up to 26 %
Indica / Sativa Indica 70% | Sativa 30%
Climate Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor Up to 500 gram / 17.6 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor Up to 600 gram / 21.2 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 70 cm / 27.6 inch
Height outdoor Up to 180 cm / 70.9 inch
Flowering time 8 To 9 weeks
Harvest month September / October
Grow difficulty Easy / Moderate

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Chronic Feminized has been specially cultivated for medicinal purposes. This strain has vastly improved over the years, causing a massive increase of yield. After extensive testing Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has included the new Chronic in her assortment.

Chronische diseases and symptoms  from diseases such as alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases like Bechterew disease, ulcerative colitis, lupus erythematosus, blindness, Crohn’s, cancer, high blood pressure, lyme disease, mental illnesses, epilepsy, diabetes, hypertension, chronic renal failure and kidney disease, blindness, cerebral palsy, heart failure, ischemic cardiopathy and celiac disease have shown to be significally reduced and even controlled by using this strain!

The combination of a delicious sweet fragrance and the amazingly beautiful appearance of our Chronic Feminized has made this plant very popular among our medical oriented customers. The plant will developed a very large top with slightly smaller side branches. After harvesting it is very important to thoroughly dry the product in order to ensure that the wonderful scent will be preserved. 

Chronic Feminized is a highly advanced plant with genetic characteristics of the Skunk x Northern Lights, the AK47 and the Northern Lights. This improved cannabis strain will acquire huge sticky buds which are characterized by an extremely magnificent flavor.

Chronic Feminized is a strain that can be grown indoors as wel as outdoors. If you are planning on growing indoors, the plants will be ready for harvest approximately 8 to 9 weeks after germination.

Although Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds medical strains have been cultivated especially for medical purposes, we strongly advise to consult a physician prior to use. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does not offer just any Chronic. We sell the ultimate version!  Our Chronic produces extremely powerful weed especifically designed for pain relief.  Also it contains the ideal genetic characteristics for a very large yield with the right Indica/Sativa ratio.

The CBD content in our Chronic creates a relaxed and stoned feeling. Almost immediately after smoking the body will react and start to relax. Before ading Cronic to our assortment, we had it tested by 500 people with chronic illnesses. 94% of the people included in this trial said to have benefit from the use of our Chronic Femininzed.

If you are looking for a targeted approach to tackle your chronic pain and would like to enjoy a relaxing moment, make sure to get our Chronic Feminized! 
Order your chronic seeds now and try either the autoflowering seeds or the feminized chronic seeds.