AK 47 XTRM Feminisierte Hanfsamen

AK 47 XTRM Feminisierte Hanfsamen

Thc level Bis 24 %

Indica / Sativa Indica 75% | Sativa 25%

Klima Ihnen / im Freien

Ertrag indoor Bis 700 gram / 24.7 ounces per sq meter

Ertrag outdoor Bis 1000 gram / 35.3 ounces per sq meter

Höhe indoor Bis 90 cm / 35.4 inch

Höhe outdoor Bis 200 cm / 78.7 inch

Flowering time 8 Wochen

Erntemonat September / October

Schwer anzupflanzen Leicht / Normal


Preis: 10 Samen € 120.-


AK47 XTRM Feminized

For many years Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been searching to find the ultimate AK47. After many, many requests we expanded our search and went to our master breeder Relaximo for advise. Where normal seedspecialists draw the line, Relaximo continues..

After much thinking, travelling, testing, breeding and more testing, Relaximo gave us the best of both worlds! However, since our expert was not impressed with the yield and quality of the excisting AK47, he crossbred it with our superior White Widow XTRM strain.

And so Relaximo locked himself in a space that was not to be entered by any of us. And there he lived like a hermit, on bread and water, all with the purpose of creating the worlds ultimate AK47. Finally one day our man, with a scruffy beard, a huge smile and a tear of happiness, came outside. Stoned out of his mind, he brought us the wonderful news: “The AK47 XTRM! "

Here's your love!" the seeds master roared!

By merging the two excisting strains, Relaximo had given us the AK47 XTRM! He made some corrective growth selections to ensure a better plant figor and stem to bud ratio and finally stabilized her into this wonderful cannabis plant.

With this awesome, flavorful, strain a very special species arose, that grows steadily and under the right conditions will soon produce tops no less than 20 percent larger than its little sister, the AK47!

This ofcourse applies only to the AK47 XTRM regular and feminized .. not for the Autoflowering!! Due to its high level of indica, this plant makes for an ideal medicinal strain. The AK47 XTRM brings a devine high with a tingling touch.
The CBD level is very high in this strain and has amazing medical effects.

Relaximo has proven himself once again. Without him the world would not have been as glorious as it is today. Since there is no AK47 as perfect as our AK47 XTRM!

We offer the AK47 XTRM as regular, feminized and autoflowering feminized. 
Get blown away by our power strain AK47 XTRM.